Sleep vs. “Me Time”

Some will say you need so many hours of sleep a night to keep your body, mind, & health good. Not saying that I don’t disagree because sleep is a wonderful thing, but I also need some “me time”. Some people might get up extra early to get that time, or some might enjoy it when the kids go to school. Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong when you get your “me time” & some days you might not even get to squeeze it in. For me, “me time” is after everyone is asleep, when the house is quiet. I will stay up for an extra half hour or hour reading, surfing Pinterest, or just window shopping online. This is my time for me where there are no interruptions & I can do whatever I need to do to unwind from the day.

Are there days when I should just go straight to bed because I am tired? Yes, & there are some days that I do but most days, I need to get my “me” fix in so I will stay up just a little later. Some mornings, I think why did I stay up that late, but I get through the day. That time for me, is something I need. I don’t need much of it, but just a little. Just a sliver of time to do something for me.

I work full time on top of being a mom. I love being a mom, don’t get me wrong, & I love my job (most days) but after a day of work & then doing the mom gig, I get tired & need to regroup. Part of my job is customer service which can be tough because we all know, idiots happen from time to time. Then go home & get through the night with dinner & baths with a threenager, it can be rough some days. Not all days, but after those stressful days, I look forward to laying in bed & reading my book. There is something about reading that is relaxing but it’s what works for me. Some nights I get lost in Pinterest & others like last night, I came across a video on how wigs were made on Facebook. Now normally, I’m not the type that gets into watching all the Facebook videos, but last night, I was fascinated by how wigs were made.

We all have our things but this is what I do. I stay up late & try to cram 8 hours of sleep into 4 or 5, but it gives me my “me time” which helps me be a better mom, significant other, & whatever other job title you can fit in there because we all have more than one. I know when I need to sleep, but I also know when I need the peace & quiet.


Dreams vs. Reality

Thinking about: laying on a beach 🏖 with the sun shining☀️, drinking cocktails🍹, listening to the sound of the water 🌊.                            
What’s really happening: sitting on the couch drinking an iced mocha ☕️from McDonalds (pretending it’s a Starbucks) watching Lion Guard 🦁, listening to the threenager whine about every little detail today 🤦🏻‍♀️. #happysaturday #someonewillbenappingtoday #threenager #momlife

Oh for fox sake

Just when I thought I was in the clear, those words came flying out. My threenager turned into a mini sailor swearing up a storm. And not just dropping an f bomb here or there, he went full on with every sentence having one & kept repeating that same sentence over & over again. I can’t say I don’t know where he picked that up because I tend to enhance my own sentences on occasion. After the little man was born I have tried to watch my swearing & limit it when possible but occasionally an f bomb or three may come out.

We were walking out of a restaurant Friday night after dinner when my son said “It’s looking dark.” Ok no big deal yes it is looking dark because the sun is going down, but then he repeated himself making the word more clear. “It’s fucking dark.” I had to think for a minute because my little one would never say that word. The worse he says is when he farts or he talks about poop which is what little boys do. It came out again, “It’s fucking dark. See mom, it’s fucking dark.” My jaw dropped. I told him he cannot say that & it’s a naughty word. In the mean time, I’m also trying not to laugh, because he just said it so casually & I shouldn’t be laughing. So we go about our business with no more f bombs throughout the night.

We wake up the next morning & decide to go outside to play in the sandbox for a bit. Parker opens up the bin that hold all of his sand toys, & says “There’s fucking water in here. There’s fucking water in here!” I say, yes there is water in there from the rain, but you cannot say that word. We talked about that word & it’s a naughty word. He says ok but I don’t know if he really gets it.

The remaining weekend goes by & we celebrate Easter with no more f bombs. Fingers crossed that we don’t hear anymore of them either. I will be watching how & when I enhance my sentences so that the little ears don’t pick up on any new words or phrases. Although I can picture him at daycare & telling someone to eat a bag of dicks. (One of my favorite phrases) It never fails though, kids always say things that you don’t want them to or when you least expect it. Shit happens.


When pets retaliate…

Apparently today is “National Pets Day” which means we say how much we love our pets & how wonderful they make our life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog but he can be a dick some days. Those eyes may look sweet & innocent but he does have ulterior motives. Especially on the weekends or when you don’t want your child to wake up. These two are best buddies as the threenager is still too young to catch on to what is really happening.

For starters Jordin, our dog will go to bed with the threenager which is fine, no big deal. Occasionally he gets a little too close to the threenager in the middle of the night & slightly wake him which isn’t the greatest but it’s not the worse thing that can happen. It’s those weekend mornings that you think you get to sleep in. (Minus getting up to let the dog out) He doesn’t just wake up quietly. He has a morning ritual where you have to shake a few times first to make sure that any bed head is straightened out. The shaking has then caused a hair ball to be worked up so you have to start hacking profusely to get that loose. Once that is complete, you do the silent part of the morning routine which is stretching. Now this wouldn’t be so bad as we all have our own morning routines, but Jordin insists on doing it right in front of the threenagers door then it becomes too late. Rise & shine!

Then there are the nights that you want your child to go to bed & someone goes to push the door open grabbing the attention of the threenager that should be sleeping. Any other night, the dog waits for the child to fall asleep before going to hop in bed. It’s when you say it’s ok for the two to be together that they don’t want to, but the minute you don’t want them together, they are or attempting to be. Or when you do want them both awake, they can’t seem to wake up.

It’s like my dog is saying “Hey asshole, remember when I tried to get an extra treat but you said no? How about an early wake up call when you want to sleep in?”. Or he’s holding a grudge against you because you caught the kid sneaking him part of his dinner. Even though he can be a dick, I know he is plotting against me some days, but I love him anyways & couldn’t imagine not having him around. He truly is a perfect fit for our family minus the whole waking the entire house up in the morning.

Positive vibes my ass….

I attempt to stay positive majority of the time. I listen to people bitch every day & I don’t want to be that “person” who is constantly  bitching & only speaks about the negative. When you constantly listen to it, you try to change your outlook as when you speak negative, the negative vibes will follow.

We all know that life is not always rainbows & unicorns, but being Monday today, I was trying to stay positive as Monday’s sometimes suck. Everything was going smooth, I had my espresso, the weather was warmer, it was double star day at Starbucks, & the sun was even peaking out. Monday wasn’t looking so bad. Then that sweet Monday decides to take a mood swing. A total 180 & just knocks me down.

One thing after another just starts to unravel. Apparently the knot that was holding Monday together wasn’t that tight. Things happen at work that make you start to wonder if what you are really doing is even worth it. Is this really worth the headache that I go through day in & day out? The days where you look at the picture of your children on your desk & keep telling yourself that everything will be ok. Everything will work out. Everything will get better. The days when you wish you had won the lottery or have an endless supply of money. But that’s not reality so you keep repeating to yourself that it’s ok & then another blow happens. (Props to those who make it work so you can stay home. Not always easy & I give you credit) At this point I’m yelling at Monday in my head saying “Really is this how your gonna be after I try to stay positive?”.

I really want to kick Monday in the ass but it seems to just be punching me in the gut today. Nothing goes as planned & the threenager wants to test your patience. This kid has become the pickiest eater only eating mini muffins, hot dogs, mac n’ cheese, & yogurt. You know, your basic threenager food groups. Anyways, you & the threenager finally agree on something for dinner & get him fed. Next comes the task of getting ready for bed. Who knew basic hygiene could be such struggle. At least he went down easy. (Special thanks to dad for helping with that task)

Today was one of those days where you just want to throw your hands up & give up. A day where you just want to scream & cry. A day where you question yourself. Tonight, I poured myself a glass of wine & sat here to write. I know that someone will probably judge me & say what I am doing isn’t right, but I don’t care. What I write is real. This is my story & if you don’t like it, that’s fine because you aren’t writing it, I am. I’m not trying to be the perfect mother, but I am trying to do my best & I’m ok with that is what matters most. So here’s to the mom’s that are having a rough Monday. You are not alone, we are in this together. Cheers!

Bedtime….the struggle is real

Bedtime can be a good thing some days or it can be your worst nightmare. Right now we are in the nightmare phase. Just when you think your bed routine might go smooth, it takes a turn for the worst going from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Who thought brushing your teeth could be such a battle or trying to get them to use the bathroom before bed cause you know at some point if they don’t, they will just pop back up out of bed. Some days we struggle with just basic hygiene. Simple things as just washing your hands can cause a mega meltdown which can prolong into getting into bed. Once that sweet child is in bed, comes task of keeping them in said bed & getting them to fall asleep. Last night we popped out of bed & needed our slippers on so we put them on & tucked him back into bed. About 15 minutes later, he came out saying he needed to poop. Of course you can’t deny them of bathroom privileges so you let him go. Guess what, it was a false alarm so back to bed we go. Another 15 or so minutes go by & I hear the door latch close in his room. This means trouble so I quietly go down the hallway to see light shining from the bottom of the door. I open up the door & he is sitting on his bed trying to “fix” his watch. Nice try buster! Tuck the threenager back in bed & by this time an hour and a half has passed since he’s been down. It’s almost 2 hours later from when I originally put him down & he is finally out. Yay! It made this morning a little rough as we ran out of the wrong color muffins he likes & was mad that he couldn’t wear his pajamas to school but we made it. We have good days & bad days with bedtime (right now it seems like more bad then good, but this too shall pass right?). Some days I think he is on a mission to see if he can out last me & keep telling myself this is just a phase. To those of you who say the two’s are terrible, well the threes in my opinion are way worse.

Weekend vs. Naps


Let’s just start by saying I am pro naps. We try to stick to the same routine that we have during the week (daycare is awesome for routine) but it doesn’t always work. There is something always going on or happening on the weekends & you can’t always use the excuse or not do anything because your kid is napping. Also trying to get so said threenager down on the weekends is easier said then done. My child will even come out 20 minutes after you put him down saying “I just wake up”. Nice try kid. No nap for my child means he will slowly turn into a mini terrorist. The longer he goes, the worse he gets. How many moms fear there own child when they don’t sleep? I know I do. We had a busy weekend (yay for nice weather too) & it equaled a no nap weekend. Saturday started out good as we went to an egg hunt which was fun, played outside with a friend, & had a birthday party to go to. Sunday we did some yard work, rode the four wheeler for a bit, & played with his brother. Not only does a slight attitude come with no nap but the following events happened in our house this weekend:

  • Leave juice cup tip upside down in between car seat & door while all juice spills out (yes accidents happen but this kid never leaves his juice go down & will let you know if his cup falls)
  • While dad walks away from laptop (not even two minutes away) colors on laptop screen
  • Takes brothers ranch cup & puts a death grip on it almost making ranch go everywhere (his words were to brother “you don’t like ketchup” so takes his ranch which makes no sense, but to a threenager it does)
  • Dog magically gets something spilled on his back & still can’t figure out what it was
  • Gets sidetracked using the bathroom resulting in pee being not only on him but all over the floor
  • Spills chocolate milk all over floor…carpeted floor that is (no this wasn’t what got on the dog as the timing was different)

While some may say this is just what boys do, that is partially true however usually we do not have this many events happen. It was a fun weekend, but the no nap part sucks. Saturday night he was playing & then just passed out with no warning. Majority of the time, we do try to leave time in for naps but it doesn’t always work.


Rockin’ the “Mom” Bun

You know you’re a mom when your hair is down & your child says “what’s wrong with your hair?”. For starters, my hair is long & doesn’t hold any curl. I curl my hair but then it just falls flat. On occasion I do wear it other ways that on the top of my head, but it’s easy to just rock the mom bun. It stays out of my way & doesn’t get snarled. It’s just one less thing to deal with. There are days when I will go all out on my hair (i.e.: blow dry it which is a pain in the ass & then curl it or straighten it) and then by the time I’m done it just ends up on top of my head. I try to keep my morning routine as short as possible because this kid (once awake) can sense when mom is busy & go for whatever he can like get behind the couch (we turned our end tables to block easy entry because he figured out he can get back there, but Mom & Dad can’t get back there as easy) or climb up on the counter top to grasp at whatever those little fingers can grab. He’s got cat like reflexes for sure! Even if it’s both of us around you still have to be one step ahead of him. So as much as I would enjoy wearing my hair another way, I will continue to rock the bun because some of us just ain’t got time (or patience) for that. At least for now. Rock on fellow moms!

Frappuccino Friday

*Disclaimer- Before anyone gets there undies in a bunch, Frappuccinos do NOT have caffeine so I am not giving my child coffee or loading him up on caffeine.

It’s finally Friday! Also known in our house as Frappuccino Friday. This tradition started about a year ago. I wanted to do something with Parker that could be our “special” thing which is a little bit harder with someone who is young. It’s easier with older kids as they can be more vocal & tell you what they like. As a Starbucks lover myself (thanks to my parents) & needed a way to keep my “gold status” with them I came up with doing Frappuccino Fridays. Every Friday after work & daycare, I pick the little man up & we head over to Starbucks. It gives him something to look forward to every week & it gives us a chance to have some one on one time. Occasionally Dad joins in too. I even look forward to Fridays & I get a chance to get my Starbs fix in. For those of you who know my family, you know how much my father loved Starbucks & it was his thing to give his grandchildren there first taste of Starbucks. Even though, he’s not here today, we know he is watching over us enjoying our Frappuccino’s on Fridays.

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