Have you ever signed up for something or wanted to do something but as the time gets closer you feel like backing out? Something that sounds good & fun at the time, but once that day comes, you want to curl back up into your shell & just stay home. That was me this past... Continue Reading →

Sleep vs. “Me Time”

Some will say you need so many hours of sleep a night to keep your body, mind, & health good. Not saying that I don't disagree because sleep is a wonderful thing, but I also need some "me time". Some people might get up extra early to get that time, or some might enjoy it... Continue Reading →

Dreams vs. Reality

Thinking about: laying on a beach 🏖 with the sun shining☀️, drinking cocktails🍹, listening to the sound of the water 🌊.                             What's really happening: sitting on the couch drinking an iced mocha ☕️from McDonalds (pretending it's a Starbucks) watching Lion Guard... Continue Reading →

Oh for fox sake

Just when I thought I was in the clear, those words came flying out. My threenager turned into a mini sailor swearing up a storm. And not just dropping an f bomb here or there, he went full on with every sentence having one & kept repeating that same sentence over & over again. I... Continue Reading →

When pets retaliate…

Apparently today is "National Pets Day" which means we say how much we love our pets & how wonderful they make our life. Don't get me wrong, I love my dog but he can be a dick some days. Those eyes may look sweet & innocent but he does have ulterior motives. Especially on the... Continue Reading →

Positive vibes my ass….

I attempt to stay positive majority of the time. I listen to people bitch every day & I don't want to be that "person" who is constantly  bitching & only speaks about the negative. When you constantly listen to it, you try to change your outlook as when you speak negative, the negative vibes will... Continue Reading →

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