Positive vibes my ass….

I attempt to stay positive majority of the time. I listen to people bitch every day & I don’t want to be that “person” who is constantlyΒ  bitching & only speaks about the negative. When you constantly listen to it, you try to change your outlook as when you speak negative, the negative vibes will follow.

We all know that life is not always rainbows & unicorns, but being Monday today, I was trying to stay positive as Monday’s sometimes suck. Everything was going smooth, I had my espresso, the weather was warmer, it was double star day at Starbucks, & the sun was even peaking out. Monday wasn’t looking so bad. Then that sweet Monday decides to take a mood swing. A total 180 & just knocks me down.

One thing after another just starts to unravel. Apparently the knot that was holding Monday together wasn’t that tight. Things happen at work that make you start to wonder if what you are really doing is even worth it. Is this really worth the headache that I go through day in & day out? The days where you look at the picture of your children on your desk & keep telling yourself that everything will be ok. Everything will work out. Everything will get better. The days when you wish you had won the lottery or have an endless supply of money. But that’s not reality so you keep repeating to yourself that it’s ok & then another blow happens. (Props to those who make it work so you can stay home. Not always easy & I give you credit) At this point I’m yelling at Monday in my head saying “Really is this how your gonna be after I try to stay positive?”.

I really want to kick Monday in the ass but it seems to just be punching me in the gut today. Nothing goes as planned & the threenager wants to test your patience. This kid has become the pickiest eater only eating mini muffins, hot dogs, mac n’ cheese, & yogurt. You know, your basic threenager food groups. Anyways, you & the threenager finally agree on something for dinner & get him fed. Next comes the task of getting ready for bed. Who knew basic hygiene could be such struggle. At least he went down easy. (Special thanks to dad for helping with that task)

Today was one of those days where you just want to throw your hands up & give up. A day where you just want to scream & cry. A day where you question yourself. Tonight, I poured myself a glass of wine & sat here to write. I know that someone will probably judge me & say what I am doing isn’t right, but I don’t care. What I write is real. This is my story & if you don’t like it, that’s fine because you aren’t writing it, I am. I’m not trying to be the perfect mother, but I am trying to do my best & I’m ok with that is what matters most. So here’s to the mom’s that are having a rough Monday. You are not alone, we are in this together. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Positive vibes my ass….

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  1. Love that title. You have a humorous, smart-ass tone to your posts which makes me giggle (mostly because I live with more than one). I personally don’t have the nerves yet to post with that connotation but I just might seem me day.

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