When pets retaliate…

Apparently today is “National Pets Day” which means we say how much we love our pets & how wonderful they make our life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog but he can be a dick some days. Those eyes may look sweet & innocent but he does have ulterior motives. Especially on the weekends or when you don’t want your child toΒ wake up. These two are best buddies as the threenager is still too young to catch on to what is really happening.

For starters Jordin, our dog will go to bed with the threenager which is fine, no big deal. Occasionally he gets a little too close to the threenager in the middle of the night & slightly wake him which isn’t the greatest but it’s not the worse thing that can happen. It’s those weekend mornings that you think you get to sleep in. (Minus getting up to let the dog out) He doesn’t just wake up quietly. He has a morning ritual where you have to shake a few times first to make sure that any bed head is straightened out. The shaking has then caused a hair ball to be worked up so you have to start hacking profusely to get that loose. Once that is complete, you do the silent part of the morning routine which is stretching. Now this wouldn’t be so bad as we all have our own morning routines, but Jordin insists on doing it right in front of the threenagers door then it becomes too late. Rise & shine!

Then there are the nights that you want your child to go to bed & someone goes to push the door open grabbing the attention of the threenager that should be sleeping. Any other night, the dog waits for the child to fall asleep before going to hop in bed. It’s when you say it’s ok for the two to be together that they don’t want to, but the minute you don’t want them together, they are or attempting to be. Or when you do want them both awake, they can’t seem to wake up.

It’s like my dog is saying “Hey asshole, remember when I tried to get an extra treat but you said no? How about an early wake up call when you want to sleep in?”. Or he’s holding a grudge against you because you caught the kid sneaking him part of his dinner. Even though he can be a dick, I know he is plotting against me some days, butΒ I love him anywaysΒ & couldn’t imagine not having him around. He truly is a perfect fit for our family minus the whole waking the entire house up in the morning.

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