Sleep vs. “Me Time”

Some will say you need so many hours of sleep a night to keep your body, mind, & health good. Not saying that I don’t disagree because sleep is a wonderful thing, but I also need some “me time”. Some people might get up extra early to get that time, or some might enjoy it when the kids go to school. Everyone is different. There is no right or wrong when you get your “me time” & some days you might not even get to squeeze it in. For me, “me time” is after everyone is asleep, when the house is quiet. I will stay up for an extra half hour or hour reading, surfing Pinterest, or just window shopping online. This is my time for me where there are no interruptions & I can do whatever I need to do to unwind from the day.

Are there days when I should just go straight to bed because I am tired? Yes, & there are some days that I do but most days, I need to get my “me” fix in so I will stay up just a little later. Some mornings, I think why did I stay up that late, but I get through the day. That time for me, is something I need. I don’t need much of it, but just a little. Just a sliver of time to do something for me.

I work full time on top of being a mom. I love being a mom, don’t get me wrong, & I love my job (most days) but after a day of work & then doing the mom gig, I get tired & need to regroup. Part of my job is customer service which can be tough because we all know, idiots happen from time to time. Then go home & get through the night with dinner & baths with a threenager, it can be rough some days. Not all days, but after those stressful days, I look forward to laying in bed & reading my book. There is something about reading that is relaxing but it’s what works for me. Some nights I get lost in Pinterest & others like last night, I came across a video on how wigs were made on Facebook. Now normally, I’m not the type that gets into watching all the Facebook videos, but last night, I was fascinated by how wigs were made.

We all have our things but this is what I do. I stay up late & try to cram 8 hours of sleep into 4 or 5, but it gives me my “me time” which helps me be a better mom, significant other, & whatever other job title you can fit in there because we all have more than one. I know when I need to sleep, but I also know when I need the peace & quiet.


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  1. As a mom of a 20 and 15 year old son’s, I can testify that the sleeping gets better as the kids get older. It’s always s good idea to recharge your batteries in order to be good to the family,

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  2. Sleep is soooo important, I agree but, but I agree that late night hours are the best. I feel the most creative and full of ideas. I debate the same thing every evening, to sleep or work on my stuff?

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  3. I could definitely relate to this. The same as you, my ME time is when everyone is asleep and I have a quiet home for myself. It is also when I find myself the most creative.

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  4. Sounds about right lol. I call it de-fragging though. Time to let me do what I want without any responsibility. I usually get on social media or play games on my phone. It’s my way to unwind before bed. So yea, me time is needed every night before bed. I’ll just sleep in a little the next morning 🙊


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