How I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone & Survived My First 5K

Have you ever signed up for something or wanted to do something but as the time gets closer you feel like backing out? Something that sounds good & fun at the time, but once that day comes, you want to curl back up into your shell & just stay home.

That was me this past weekend. I signed up for a 5K called the Bubble Run back in April. It looked like tons of fun & thought it would be neat. I guess you could say it is similar to the Color Run, but this is with tons of bubbles. I even had my threenager pumped up to do it. (Note to self, next time don’t tell him until it gets closer because he doesn’t understand how time works just yet. He wanted to do it the day I told him.) I even made one of those DIY tutus to wear during the walk. I’m not a runner so we are going to be walking this 5K.

Anyways, as time was getting closer the more I thought about how easy it would be to just back out. Even though I already paid for it, the anxiety was costing me more. I’m not quite sure where this anxiety came from, but I always have seen things that look like fun but have never had the balls to do it. I just never thought I was capable of doing it & always talk myself out of it. Now that I think about it & actually talk about it, I’ve really missed out.

Well Saturday came & I actually woke up before my alarm at 4:30. I was still contemplating on if I should go or not but I decided (and with the push from my significant other helped) we were doing this. My threenager was pumped for the bubbles when I told him today was the day. We got to the race & I felt some what out of place while we were standing in line. I wasn’t sure what I got myself into as this was our first 5K. I thought if we made it this far, we can do it.


The race started & we took off through the first the first bog of bubbles & my son loved it. His excitement & laughter made me realize that I shouldn’t feel out of place at all, as all that matters is that we are having fun. We continued down the trail & made it to the next bog of bubbles. This bog had bubbles as tall as me & they were colored! As I pushed the stroller through it, I couldn’t even see my son with all the bubbles. All I could hear was his laughter. He was having the time of his life.


We finished in just one hour which I didn’t think was too bad considering this was my first one. Plus I really wasn’t going for time this round. We were covered in different colors from all the bubbles & my shoes were wet but it was a BLAST! I am so glad I pushed myself through this & followed through with going. I was able to make memories with my son. I hope they do it again next year.


Sometimes you just have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised with the outcome. You are the only one that can limit your greatness.




10 thoughts on “How I Stepped Out of My Comfort Zone & Survived My First 5K

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  1. I’m the SAME way when it comes to commitments (to things that I don’t normally do)! Looks like you’re glad that you followed through with your commitment, and it looks like you had alot of fun doing it! 🙂

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