When Life Hands You a Cyst the Size of a Lemon

Let me just tell you, there are some days where being a woman isn’t cracked up to being what you think & the shit sucks.

Back in May I started not feeling so hot & thought I had the start of kidney stones. (I’ve had these in the past so I’m pretty familiar with them.) I started at urgent care thinking they would just be able to tell me yes & send me on my way, but they ended up sending me to the ER to be scanned. Come to find out, I had a 3 centimeter cyst growing on my right ovary. I followed up with my doctor & she said they would check again with an ultrasound in another 6 to 8 weeks as cysts usually just disappear on there own. And there is no telling when this damn thing would disappear as everyone’s body is different.

A few days later, the pain was getting worse & more intense to the point it was making me sick to my stomach. I called back to see what they could do & convinced them to push up the ultrasound as I was feeling worse. The pain was horrible. I didn’t want to do anything as I couldn’t get comfortable. I was feeling horrible as it was taking it’s toll. Mom guilt was setting in as well. I didn’t want to feel like this, especially as summer was just starting & didn’t want my kids to miss out. I tried to ignore the pain as best as I could & keep on going.

The doctor called the next day & asked me to come in to talk about the cyst so a few hours later I was there. The cyst had grown another 2 centimeters in just a week & also was not just a fluid filled cyst. There was something inside but he wasn’t able to tell what was inside. He didn’t think it was cancerous at all, but the cyst needed to come out. I basically had a lemon hanging off my ovary. You don’t think a lemon is very big but when you physically hold one, trying to get a feel of what is growing inside of you, it’s actually larger than you think.

We scheduled surgery for the following Monday. So the next three days go by and I can’t help but think about this cyst ALL the time. The pain it is causing. Wondering how big it will be when it finally comes out. What is growing inside of it. My brain just went into overdrive constantly thinking about this damn thing.

I have never been so excited for a weekend to go by quickly & be over with when Monday finally arrives. I was nervous but looking forward to getting this “lemon” out & start feeling normal again. My doctor had already talked to me about the possibility of removing the ovary if need be which was no problem to me. I already had a hysterectomy so taking something else didn’t bother me one bit. I honestly didn’t think it would have to come out, but what did I know.

Well it did actually end up coming out because the cyst had started to be intermixed with my ovary & it was best just to take it all out together. I was in a little pain when I woke up but nothing too bad. I obviously was still feeling pretty good from what they gave me. I had to stay in recovery for a bit but was able to go home shortly after. I crawled right into bed & got comfy so I could rest. Until later that evening, the pain I could feel on the left side was horrible. They ended up cutting a larger incision on the left side to be able to take out the ovary & the cyst and now that the good stuff wore off, I could feel it. Not only do you feel that pain, but there is also pain from the gas trying to escape that they use to “plump” you up during surgery. That shit sucks hardcore because you can feel it in your chest & abdomen. Thankfully, this subsided after 24 hours but the pain I was feeling in my stomach was intense. I was taking pain meds around the clock & using an ice pack as well. I honestly didn’t remember the pain being this bad from my hysterectomy but it probably was.

I was “thinking” I would be able to go back to work by Wednesday or Thursday but my “thinking” was wrong. I just had an organ removed from my body & my body was telling me I needed to rest because it wasn’t ready yet. Rest is hard. Especially when you’re a mom. I hate just laying around not being able to do anything. It’s not in my nature to be like that. I’m a better caregiver than I am patient. I’m sure my significant other will agree.

I stayed home the rest of the week to recuperate & I’m glad I did. My body needed it. As moms we put our bodies through so much that when we do have something go wrong or get sick, we do have to slow down a bit. There is nothing wrong with slowing down. It’s easier said then done for most.

Anyways, I went back to work the following Monday after following up with my doctor. He said everything looked great & my incisions were healing nicely. By later in the afternoon, I could feel my pants digging into my “muffin top” and putting pressure on my incisions. You really wouldn’t think that after sitting in an office chair, your waist band would dig in, but it did. I was still pretty swollen from the surgery & I could tell. The rest of the week, I wore skirts & dresses which were way more comfortable & gave me room to breathe.

After two weeks, I was feeling better but not 100%. My lifting restriction was done (I actually followed through the entire two weeks for this) but I was still feeling a bit sore. Anxiety was starting to get to me because I just wanted to feel “normal” & be back to myself. I was getting frustrated as I haven’t felt good for a few weeks already while this thing was growing inside of me.

By week three things were getting better & I was starting to feel myself again. It took a little longer than I thought it would but you there are some things you can’t rush.



6 thoughts on “When Life Hands You a Cyst the Size of a Lemon

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  1. oh wow!My body is really sensitive so one-centimeter cyst was causing me havoc. I started eating healthier and working out and it stopped bothering me. Glad you’re in pain anymore and healing nicely.

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    1. Those things can be super painful. Even when they are small! I’ve been working on eating healthier myself. Slowly but surely getting there. Trying to get in the habit of food prep.


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