Bedtime….the struggle is real

Bedtime can be a good thing some days or it can be your worst nightmare. Right now we are in the nightmare phase. Just when you think your bed routine might go smooth, it takes a turn for the worst going from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. Who thought brushing your teeth could be such... Continue Reading →

Weekend vs. Naps

  Let's just start by saying I am pro naps. We try to stick to the same routine that we have during the week (daycare is awesome for routine) but it doesn't always work. There is something always going on or happening on the weekends & you can't always use the excuse or not do... Continue Reading →

Rockin’ the “Mom” Bun

You know you're a mom when your hair is down & your child says "what's wrong with your hair?". For starters, my hair is long & doesn't hold any curl. I curl my hair but then it just falls flat. On occasion I do wear it other ways that on the top of my head, but... Continue Reading →

Frappuccino Friday

*Disclaimer- Before anyone gets there undies in a bunch, Frappuccinos do NOT have caffeine so I am not giving my child coffee or loading him up on caffeine. It's finally Friday! Also known in our house as Frappuccino Friday. This tradition started about a year ago. I wanted to do something with Parker that could... Continue Reading →

Rise & Shine

Some days it seems no matter how early I get up, there is never enough time. Especially when it comes to waking up these two lately. I've even started to put him to bed earlier thinking it must be growth spurt or something that he needs the extra sleep, however when it comes to the... Continue Reading →

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